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Not Letting The Setback Stop Me

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Elizabeth Meyer

When COVID began all I could think about was, “What does this mean for my summer plans?” I applied to AIM because I felt it was the only way to test if I had what it takes to succeed at USCGA. Then when the news came it would now be online I was devastated. How would I know if I belonged without ever setting foot on the campus?

Yet, I didn't let this setback stop me from participating in the program. Even in a virtual setting I still have the opportunity to learn more about life at USCGA. Just after one day I have learned so many new things about not only the program but also myself. In just a short video call I learned so much about Coast Guard history and traditions along with more personal information about each person participating in the program.

I was very surprised that even though this is a Coast Guard program, it focuses on making sure you make the right decision for you. The faculty and staff want to ensure you know all your options, not just this one. I really enjoyed the FIT workbook and how it focuses solely on what makes you the person you are.

I look forward to the rest of the week of AIM. Even though it is not a traditional setting I believe my fellow AIMsters and I can earn a lot of valuable lessons from this program.