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Already Learned So Much

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Madison Nualart

Life has been full of adjusting and adapting to this new way of life during this pandemic. When I received my acceptance letter into the AIM program I was beyond excited and nervous.But was soon disappointed thinking it would be canceled due to COVID-19. During the livestream when all of the announcements were made I was relieved to hear that it would still go on virtually.

My initial impressions of the virtual AIM program was that it is organized and structured very well. It was fairly easy to find the launching page with all of the instructions and links to find everything I needed throughout my days. I thought because I had never used any of the websites or platforms they were using it would be difficult, but they left links for directions on how to use and set up everything which was extremely helpful. When I did have trouble with something I just emailed asking my question and they got back to me right away.

I was surprised to see that we get such close interactions with our division and cadre. I had expected, because it was virtual, that we would just watch prerecorded videos and not get the real life connection we would in real life, but I was so wrong. On the first day, I got put into my small division and was able to learn about my peers and cadre through a video chat. It was so fascinating to see where all my fellow AIM students live. Everyone was so nice and welcoming, especially my cadre. We were all able to ask our cadre questions about their experiences and what we should expect if we go to the Academy. I’ve learned so much already and it is only the beginning.