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More Helpful Than I Expected

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Micah Tracy

My AIM experience has been very useful and informational. I have learned a lot about the Academy and cadet life. I had fun talking to the cadre and getting to know them. They were all very kind. While I still believe the in-person experience would have given me a better idea of what the Academy is like, this experience has definitely been more helpful than I expected it to be. I wish we would have done group activities or challenges of some sort in each of our divisions, though. I think that would have helped us build leadership and teamwork, as well as get to know the fellow AIMsters better.

I learned a lot about the different majors that the Academy offers, which will assist me in figuring out what I want to major in and what I want to do when I get older. I also learned a lot about the Coast Guard’s missions, which was very interesting. I feel that I now have a better understanding of what the Coast Guard’s values and core ideals are, and how they serve our country. My platoon posted workouts for the week, and I am glad they did because I think they will be good to use to get in shape for the PFE, and I have been doing them throughout the week. It’s not the same as the actual AIM workouts would have been, I’m sure, but they were still engaging and I enjoyed them.

Through the FIT workbook, I have learned about different aspects of my personality that shape what kind of a leader I am. This will allow me to know my own strengths and weaknesses, which is definitely an important thing for leaders to know. I took the Interest and Activities inventory in the FIT workbook, which gave me results with some career paths that align with my interests. I found a career field, operations research, that seems very interesting to me. Then I realized that it is a major at the Academy, so that is even better. I have learned that the more questions you ask, the better. No one should get mad because you ask too many questions. This is an important skill to learn because you never want to go into something blindly; you want to know all the information you can beforehand.

The AIM experience has made me excited to apply to the Academy. Listening to the cadre talk about how much they love it and how much they love the people at the Academy is encouraging, and I am definitely considering the Coast Guard Academy as my path after high school. It will be an amazing opportunity to challenge myself to be the best I can be, and I believe I will have many valuable experiences as a cadet, and then as an officer in the Coast Guard.