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The Bad News is Nothing Lasts Forever. The Good News is Nothing Lasts Forever.

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Eli Griffin

That is kind of how it feels now that AIM has ended. AIMsters spend months preparing for and anticipating the start of this program. And then, like all good things, it ends. Similarly, the ending of AIM leaves us realizing that a new chapter is just around the corner. Our high school senior year is starting. The college application process begins soon. And, for some, the process of applying for the Coast Guard Academy is at hand. Yes, we are unveiling a new chapter and change will be sure to follow.

One thing that I share with my fellow AIMsters is the feeling of anticipation about the change that will take place over the next twelve months. Anticipation is a funny thing. It can cause nervousness, excitement, dread, fear, and hope. Much of our reaction to anticipation is a result of how prepared and realistic we are with an upcoming transition. Seniors are guaranteed to experience a lot of anticipation. However, I thoroughly believe that my experience at AIM has curved the level of nervousness that I feel. It has deepened my excitement and all but faded any notes of dread. I think that my fellow AIMsters would agree that the Academy staff and cadre were diligent in teaching us more about ourselves, our understanding of the Academy, where we really want to be a year from now, and how best to prepare for our future endeavors. Every part of this program was meant to strengthen us for whatever lies ahead.

Reflecting on the past week, I know that much of the success of AIM was achieved through dedication. The Academy staff, cadre, and AIMsters were fully engaged in achieving the same goal: turning a week-long, physically demanding, and mentally engaging course into a successful online experience. The AIMsters can utilize the success of this experience not only by reflecting on it, but also by crediting the work that went into it and the accomplishment each of us earned by completing it. Yes, AIM is over. I can’t help but imagine us all waking up tomorrow and thinking the day is just a little less out-of-the-ordinary. Hopefully, that will pass once we realize that we are surrounded by the tokens we gained from our unique experience and that we will all carry this experience with us no matter where the road ahead might lead.

“Nothing lasts forever but the certainty of change.” - Bruce Dickenson