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Enjoying the Personalized Division Time

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Micah Tracy

So far, my virtual AIM journey has been really good. I expected it to be less interactive than it is, but I think the other AIMsters and I have become more comfortable in our divisions. I have learned a lot of helpful things about the Academy. I still wish I could have done it in person, because they talked about a time at AIM where we would have done a hands-on engineering type thing where you had to figure something out, and they replaced that with just talking about things that they do. That wasn’t really enjoyable to me, and I would have much rather done the hands-on activity, but I know that isn’t possible. I do think a video demonstrating how things work or something rather than just talking about it would have been more enjoyable and helpful to me.

I would say the segment I have enjoyed the most is the time with my division. I really like the personalized time more than the large group meetings, or simply watching a video. I think it is more beneficial to me and probably to other people too, because it feels more personal and interactive. While I feel like I haven’t asked many questions, I know that if I do have any questions, my division commander would answer whatever I ask and give me the best answer he can. The admissions brief was really helpful and informational.

All of the cadre have been unbelievably helpful and kind. I really believe they are here to help me know everything I need to know, and just to lead me along in this journey. They are very real with us about what the Academy is really like, and they aren’t afraid to tell it like it is. I enjoy hearing their stories about their experiences at the Academy, it really makes it sound enjoyable and interesting. If the cadre in my platoon don’t know the answer to a question someone asks, they tell us that they will ask someone and let us know the answer, which I really appreciate.