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An Eye Opener

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Bethany Tennyson

AIM was a week that I am so glad I did not miss out on. It was an eye opener for me in terms of what I have to work on physically and mentally in order to be the best fit for this school.

Even though I was not the most athletically inclined as others, AIMsters and cadre were always there to motivate me to not give up and to keep pushing. The gratitude I had after accomplishing all that I could was incredible. I would not have known what Swab Summer could be like at all had it not been for this experience. The week was intense, and there were definitely moments I felt like giving up. But then the week came to a close, and I realized that I made it. And that was the most incredible feeling I have ever felt. I hope to have the opportunity of attending this Academy and being a part of something so important in our country.