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Remember Why You Came

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Cheyenne Waters

When I told my friends and family about my AIM week, I described it as harder than I expected. However, I also told people that it was an overall positive experience. I really enjoyed when we had an opportunity to relax and got to talk to the cadets and teachers.

My AIM experience has made me more aware of the difficulty of Swab Summer. It has mostly showed me what I need to work on in preparation for Swab Summer. I also learned a lot about the Academy and the Coast Guard in general.

AIM is a good way to determine if you are right for the Coast Guard Academy. It helps you get a feel for what Swab Summer will be like. By asking the cadets questions, you can learn what it is like during the school year. You also get great tips on how to fill out your application.

Some last tips are to bring hand sanitizer. I would suggest putting it in the backpack that they give you. Also, sometimes it is hard to eat enough during meals, but they let you take fruit, cereal, and PB&J in your backpack. Please do this. It really helps.

After AIM, it is easy to focus on the difficult parts of the Academy. If you are on the fence about going the Academy after AIM, make sure you remember why you wanted to come in the first place.