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Bethany Tennyson

This has truly been one of the most transformative times of my life. Though I struggled with many of the physical activities this week, I was pushed to limits I did not know I could reach. This week was definitely an eye opener and has allowed me to see what I can work on physically in order to be better prepared when applying for the Academy.

The program has also shown the major educational aspects of the Academy through engineering labs and workshops. These activities were very insightful as well. There are so many paths I can take if I wanted to pursue something as rigorous as engineering at the Academy. Mechanical engineering was a major I did not even think about being an option for me until listening to speakers and the cadre.

Meeting the swabs who are currently going through swab summer was actually one of the highlights of my week. Seeing the camaraderie they had and witnessing them going through Swab Summer and making it is what gave me the motivation to continue to strive toward attending this school. There were many challenges I had to overcome in the past few days, and none of it would have been possible if the cadre had not been there to push me to be the best version of myself I could be.