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Just Don't Give Up

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Cheyenne Waters

So far, AIM is what I expected: intense, military drills; followed by cool experiences. On day five, we saw a rescue helicopter and a rescue team save a dummy. We also toured some ships throughout the week. Tip: If you can make it through the first four days, then you can make it through the whole week.

I really enjoyed a relaxed dinner that we had tonight because we got to chill and talk to cadre. My initial impression of the cadre was that they were scary, but I soon learned that they are actually really nice people underneath the yelling.

During the week, we were always doing something, so it was hard to get to know my fellow AIMsters really well. However, I got pretty close with my roommate and found that all the AIMsters formed a bond because of shared experiences.

TIP: Bring aspirin and cough drops because you will be sore.

You can do it. Just don’t give up!