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What a Week

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Elliot Lee

Upon my return, I welcomed the silence that home had to offer. There was also the chatter about what AIM was like, and the echoes of marching chants that AIMsters had to scream in the hallway. Most of my friends and family would react as if they had seen a ghost when I tell them about my week at AIM. However, the experiences that AIM offers are something that will stay ingrained in my mind. Now I often laugh, surmise, and even appreciate the simplest things in life, such as being able to talk normally. But on a more serious note, I believe that AIM has been able to teach me so many things about myself and about others.

Through AIM, I upheld the Coast Guard’s core values as a high standard to live up to: Honor, Respect, and Devotion to Duty. This has matured me to become an individual of integrity and thoughtfulness. The AIM experience also developed my team-working skills and communication skills, so that I am able to be effective in accomplishing the mission at hand.

I consider this program a valuable one that everyone should take advantage of and apply to. Attend AIM, and you won't be disappointed with what it has to offer.