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Long Days, Fast Week

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Cheyenne Waters

My initial impression of the other AIM students is that they are all really nice. I think most of the AIM students were more mature than the normal high school student. I also found that I had a lot in common with my fellow AIMSTERS. Before sign-in or on the bus (from the airport), try to get to know your fellow AIMSTER because you won’t have time to talk to them till later in the week. TIP: Don’t bring a duffle bag. Bring a small suitcase (four wheels is best). You will be asked to walk really fast with your luggage. Also, really do pack light. Bring all the clothes they ask for, but you will not have time to use extra items. You will have very little time in the bathroom, so you don’t need extra toiletry items. TIP for girls: bring face wipes instead of soap because you will not have time to wash your face. Personally, I didn’t pack light enough. (It was ok except for pulling my bag around the first day.) My initial impression of the overall program is that it was harder and scarier than I thought. A good tip is to be prepared to be yelled at within the first hour. The first day was difficult. The expectations for the other days get greater; however, you do get breaks from being at attention and being yelled at. During most classes, you will be able to relax and speak normally. My initial impression of the cadre is that they are also scary and intimidating. Furthermore, I was wrong when I thought there would be free time. There is relaxed times, but almost no free time.

The intensity surprised me. (It is more intense than Civil Air Patrol’s Encampment.) What really concerned me was Swab Summer. Since I really want to go to the Coast Guard Academy, seeing the difficulty of AIM made me nervous about going to potentially going to Swab Summer next summer.

That being said anyone can make it through AIM. You just have to keep going. The days are long, but the week goes by fast.