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It's Only Tuesday?

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Bethany Tennyson

The past few days have been more challenging than I, along with most of the AIMsters, have previously expected. Some of us have no prior military knowledge before starting this rigorous program. Some of us are not as physically fit as other AIMsters. It is only Tuesday, but I am struggling intensely with the physical efforts that the cadre expects of us as potential cadets of the Academy.

Although these physical activities were challenging for me, they were also some of my favorite activities so far. One of my favorite activities was drill practice. I actually learned a lot during these drill sessions with the cadre. Some of the steps and practices I learned are some I can definitely show my peers in JROTC.

Not only were the physical activities difficult, but I did not realize how shy I was until the cadre forced something out of me. At the time, I was mad inside, as I thought I was yelling as loud as I could. Little did I know, I could be louder than what I thought my loudest was. The cadre definitely pushes me and I am extremely grateful for their efforts.

The last couple days have been extremely rigorous and difficult for me personally. There were some moments I felt dizzy or nauseous. I felt proud of myself at the end of the day for trying my very best and fighting through. This is only an experience that one has to be here for in order to understand it.