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Here at Last

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Aija Brown

When I arrived, myself and the other AIMsters quickly found out that the program is HARD. I was prepared for difficulty and being tested mentally and physically. However, I was surprised to see that the program is far more difficult mentally than it is physically. From the second we were introduced to our cadre, we were put in a high stress environment. This made it challenging to utter simple phrases and responses, adding to the stress. Physically, the program is not too taxing yet, however, we did our physical fitness exam today, and the cadre were very thorough in making sure we knew it would only get more difficult from here.

Another aspect I was surprised with was how strict the cadre were, and how little room they allowed us to make for errors from the start. I was also shocked by how loud we are expected to be at all times, which has affected many of the AIMsters’ voices already, including my own. The expectations and actions of the cadre greatly helped to speed up the learning process of what not to do and how to conduct myself accordingly.

The hardest part is certainly all of the rules and small things that the AIMsters have to remember. These rules sometimes seem unnecessary, making it easy for them to slip our minds, and it gets even easier to forget to do the little things as the day progresses. The fatigue and stress don’t help. While these past two days have been tough, I am certainly expecting the next few days to be far more difficult both mentally and physically.