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The Place That Might Be My Home

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Cheyenne Waters

I am excited to see the place that might become my home for the next four years. As a military child, I have moved several times. So, four years in the same place seems like a long time. I moved to Arkansas a few weeks ago. Before that, I spent four and a half years in Virginia. It blows my mind that I may live at the Academy almost as long as I lived in Virginia. It has also occurred to me that I might also be meeting the people that I will go to college with, so I am excited to make friends.

I am probably most looking forward to just being at the Academy. I want to show my determination to get in. I hope that my time at AIM will increase my chances of getting into the Academy. It has been my dream to get into the Coast Guard Academy since 9th grade. I believe going to AIM will make my dream come true.

My primary concern is the physical fitness exam. I have been preparing for it, but I am a little nervous. I have done physical fitness tests for Civil Air Patrol. However, the Coast Guard Academy’s test is more challenging and has higher standards. I have resolved to try my best and then continue to improve my score before I send my application.