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My AIM Journey

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Aliyah Brown

My AIM journey so far has been harder than expected. I have given my best effort and have been able to push through. I really enjoyed the waterfront activity and vesper. I had never been on a sailboat before and it was nice to see the beautiful scenery that surrounds the Academy. My AIM journey can be described as intense but very informative and a great indicator of what swab summer will be like.

I do believe that I have made friends with my fellow AIMsters and I hope to keep in contact with them. Most of the AIMsters in my platoon were from Virginia, so there is the possibility that we could meet up in the future. My initial impressions of AIM have changed because it was more challenging than I expected but also more doable and so far has allowed me to see my weak points and my strong points.

Through my time here at AIM I have seen that the cadre and admissions staff care about you and want to help you make the right decision as to which university is the right one for you. I see that all the tasks we are given at AIM are difficult but have a purpose. I have also seen that the campus has a lot of very interesting historical meaning.