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Aliyah Brown

My initial impressions of AIM were that it is harder than expected. However, I believe I am very capable of making it through the week. The other AIM students have been really nice to me so far and I hope to keep in contact with them. The AIM leaders do not appreciate mistakes being made but are good teachers.

What surprised me was how rigorous and intense the program is. I did not expect that there would be no time to relax; we are constantly moving. I also was surprised at how hard it would be to stand at attention for long periods. How grateful I was when we finally got to sit! Before coming to AIM, I attended the Air Force Academy’s summer seminar, which was more relaxed. So it was a big surprise when the cadre began yelling at us nonstop from the moment they came to pick us up at the auditorium. The physical fitness test was also harder than I thought it would be.

Upon arrival, I thought the Academy was beautiful, especially seeing the river from the field and different parts of campus. I love how small it is and how organized everything appears to be. From what I can see, the Academy has a lot to offer its cadets.