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Elliot Lee

As I began to reflect upon what has happened during this slow week, I realized how far our Company had come along. We had all developed our teamwork skills without ripping each other apart, formed bonds within each division, and got hoarse voices. This AIM experience was nothing like I had expected.

The one activity that I thoroughly enjoyed was the drilling practice. As a Boy Scout, drilling is an important aspect of the Color Guard. I believe that I have developed this skill to the fullest and learned how to teach drilling when I go back home. It is all thanks to the cadre that I am able to take this experience back home with me. In fact, as the days begin to dwindle in number, I have come to believe that the cadre have human feelings and are very friendly. Be careful though; you don't want to be too friendly, or else the cadre will bite back.

My initial impressions have changed as I progressed through this journey. This week has been tough, but there was also liberty to relax a little. My impressions have been completely changed and I believe that you have to come to AIM and experience this impression.