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Prepared For What is to Come

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Bethany Tennyson

Though the days leading up to AIM have been slightly nerve racking, they have also been extremely exciting. I have wanted to attend this program for years, and it is finally about to happen in only a few days. I am eager to experience the life of a cadet at USCGA. More importantly, I am ready to meet new future cadets and develop a camaraderie with them as we work together and create new experiences. One of the experiences that I am excited to create is when we go sailing, something I have always wanted to do but never had the chance to.

Some of my days leading up to AIM have caused me some concern. I am nervous that I will not be as physically fit for the PFE tests in comparison to my peers. I have trained intensely in order to be ready for this, but what if that is not good enough? I will simply have to experience the physical challenges while I am there and see what I need to work on and improve in order to be as physically prepared as possible for the needs of the Coast Guard. Regardless of these concerns, I have been continuously motivated to run and work on my upper body strength every day.

Attending USCGA has been an absolute dream of mine for years. After attending several briefings and even traveling to New London, Connecticut for a tour, I have only fallen more in love with the school, its opportunities, and its missions. Attending the AIM program will only enhance my drive of attending this incredible institution.