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My Impression

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Elliot Lee

As I arrived at the Coast Guard Academy gates, I recognized how beautifully the campus is situated and the amount of greenery. I came an hour early, so I was able to meet the Admissions staff. They greeted people with open arms and smiles that warmed the heart. The souvenir shop contained many items to buy and was easy to tour. I initially thought that this summer camp was going to be easy and fun, but how the tables turned.

I walked through the doors of the welcome briefing and was seated with my company: B-4. This was the Western Region and I easily settled in. The other AIMsters were very friendly and cheerful upon their arrival. However, as soon as the welcome briefing was over, the intimidating cadre jumped upon us and began to form us into United States Coast Guard Academy AIMsters. I was surprised to see such intensity come at a moment’s notice and everybody was ramrod stiff. However, I believe that the team leaders are effective in their method of leading and have given me a new perspective on how the Coast Guard Academy produces strong cadre each year.