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Jennifer Donohue

When I came home, I relayed my AIM experience to my family and friends. I told them about how we marched everywhere, had to square our meals, and did lots of physical training. We also had some downtime when we could ask questions of the cadre, prior graduates, and enlisted members of the Coast Guard. Although the physical training was beneficial to get a glimpse of what Swab Summer will be like, the informational sessions were very helpful in considering whether the Coast Guard is the life for me. My family pointed out to me how I am always smiling every time I talk about my experience at AIM. Although it was a physically and mentally grueling week, in the aftermath of it all, I had a great time and I am glad that I did it.

AIM helped shape me as a person, in more ways than I can count. It helped me grow as a team member and leader by constantly having to work together with my platoon to achieve the different goals set by the cadre. With those goals in mind, it became easier to deal with high-stress situations.

I am very thankful I attended AIM because it gave me some incredible first-hand knowledge of what it is like being a cadet at the Coast Guard Academy; no other program even comes close. Through this experience I have gained a lot of information to consider when making my decision whether to apply to the USCGA.