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I Miss the Academy

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Today marks a week after completing the AIM program. I absolutely miss everything: my shipmates, my cadre and the campus. I once said that I would never consider USCGA as my top school, but this program flipped the tables. I can now proudly say that USCGA is the top school on my list of colleges.

When I first moved to Guam, I felt as if I could do anything. AIM showed me that you can’t have any weaknesses in facing life. Life has obstacles and this program made me into a person that can face any problem in the civilian world. I felt as if I was another person going into another dimension. It was weird at first, but I got through it. My parents noticed that I was more responsible and more respectful in a way they have never seen before. AIM will really change you into a better person. You may hate it at first, but you will adapt to it and love the results.

My post-AIM days have been awesome. I have been doing morning calisthenics since I got home. I now wake up at 5 a.m. to make my bed and help with house chores even before my parents wake up. I now do things that I wouldn’t have wanted to do before AIM. I can do anything. I naturally get out of bed easily now. I don’t have to force myself to get up. It may sound weird if you’re reading this, but this program will change you. Change is the main takeaway. Whether or not you like the program, it will change you into a better person.

AIM showed me that the USCGA is more than just an academy that graduates cadets into commissioned officers. When I got to the Academy and even before I left Guam, I called USCGA “home.” I would love to go back after my senior year and attend this prestigious Academy that feels like home.

To the cadre, Admissions staff, teachers, and fellow shipmates, thank you for the wonderful opportunity that you have given me. I will remember this week forever. I will be back and I will be an officer in the United States Coast Guard. Thank you so much! Go Bears!!!