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AIM Graduation is Tomorrow

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Jennifer Donohue

Today is the final full day at the Coast Guard Academy. Honestly I will miss this program because it made me realize who I am. I have seen a major change in myself throughout the week. At first I thought, “What did I get myself into?” I was trying to wrap my mind around how to get myself through the week. I just had to keep telling myself that I could do this.

I have met so many friends this week both within my company and out. Those people kept pushing me on as well; they are the people who you will stay friends with for a lifetime and who will always have your back. Just like the in Coast Guard, you cannot do any job or task successfully without those type of people. Nothing will get done if you don’t work together. During the time we met with the enlisted ranks, one teamwork-relate concept really stuck with me, “friendly but not friends.” Although friends are good to have in life, you cannot always work with them because you won’t get anything done due to goofing off. But you must be friendly toward the people you work with because no one will want to follow you as a leader if you are rude and disrespectful toward them. We had to figure that out as a company this week in order to come even close with the time objectives.

We did have fun times at the end of the week but, for all you future AIMsters, you will never get to that point if you don’t try your hardest throughout the week. The six days of AIM are going to be difficult, but you absolutely cannot quit or you will regret it.