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As I Graduate from AIM

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Mark Austria

My AIM journey has been the best. It was not what I expected…this program shred me to pieces, but it was a great thing. I was tested in different kinds of situations and stressful environments. For future AIMsters, you should prepare by working out a lot and just be prepared for all the mental tests that the cadre will put you through. Don’t worry too much. It will be fun.

The most exciting part of the program was getting to meet the swabs. I have a friend named R. Park and we have been friends since we were kids and both lived in Guam. It was crazy that we ended up meeting again here at the USCGA. This school has showed me that nothing is impossible. Everyone can change into military personnel. You will have a chance to experience this prestigious life once at the Academy.

I am from X-Ray 2. I love my AIMster shipmates and I love my cadre. We are not just a battalion, but we are also a family. A family that will never give up nor forsake each other. A family that will push each other, help each other, and manage each other in times of stress. Our cadre helped us and shaped us into military-minded people. We have changed a lot and reversed a lot of bad habits.

The craziest thing about this experience is that you will start sounding off at random times, which means that you will start screaming anything that your cadre told you to. This is something you will never experience at other colleges. USCGA is one-of-a-kind. Go Bears!