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Changing for the Better

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Jennifer Donohue

These past few days of AIM have been quite a challenge. I expected to be physically and mentally pushed but I was not prepared for this level. The cadre constantly yells at us and works us in order to prepare us for what the Coast Guard Academy is really like. It has been incredibly tough and exhausting these past few days. I admit that there were times I wanted to quit but I knew that I needed to keep going. Everywhere we go we must march in time, when they say run, they mean run—at no point will we walk. If you attend the AIM program and follow what they say and do what you are told while sounding off and squaring your corners, you will thrive. No one wants you to fail, they want you to do well. You may feel that you are not doing anything correctly but as long as you study and keep your eyes in the boat you will succeed.

Throughout the week so far, we have had programs designed to help us AIMsters figure out not only if the Coast Guard is right for us but also what field of study or type of college might be appropriate. The FIT program offers different activities to help us identify characteristics about ourselves that we did not recognize before. I have found this very helpful now knowing more about the Coast Guard and whether it is right for me. The AIM program, as a whole, is a great way to point high school students in the right direction.

Although we are only halfway through the week, I have noticed a change in myself for the better. I am more respectful and have more confidence in myself as the week has progressed. The physical requirements have been quite difficult to meet but I have found as the week proceeds it has become easier to accomplish my goals.