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Full of Anticipation

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Susan Obregon

The AIM summer program is coming up next week, and I am more than excited. I’ve been researching and learning about AIM and what it entails since the moment I found out I’d made it in. I’ve learned all about the different kinds of physical and group activities done throughout the week. I’m definitely most looking forward to participating in the variety of sports, as well as making new friends that share my same interests and goals. I can’t wait to experience everything AIM has to offer.

I’m very eager to begin, but I also admittedly have some concerns. For example, I think I’m most worried about the rigor of the week ahead and struggling to keep up with the challenging mental and physical activities planned. I know I will try my best though and I’m grateful for the opportunity to push myself. Additionally, I’m a little worried about the Physical Fitness Exam because I would like to do very well. I want to use this program as a way to test my limits and to exceed my own expectations.

Aside from my excitement and concerns, I am just endlessly grateful and humbled for this amazing opportunity. AIM is the perfect way to learn if the Coast Guard Academy is right for me and for my future. I’ll be able to experience being on campus in person and better analyze if it is the kind of environment I want for college. I have no doubt that the program will prove me right about the USCGA being the perfect fit for me and the best tool on my path to success and self-improvement.