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Excited and a Bit Nervous

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Mark Austria

The days leading up to my AIM week have been very exciting. I have been waiting a while, and I am very eager to begin the program. I’m a bit nervous wondering if I will mess up during the week’s activities. I’ve been watching a lot of AIM videos to see if I’m capable of doing the work. I’m enthusiastic about the engineering part of the program and to see the campus and experience what it’s like to be a cadet. I’m thrilled to meet new people, and want to learn more about USCGA and what it has to offer.

I don’t really have any hesitations concerning the USCGA. I have planned this out ever since the application opened. I was accepted into other summer programs but AIM is the one that I am most passionate about. I expect that AIM will change me to a better version of myself.

The challenge of travelling to the USCGA involves three plane rides. I live in Guam, which is halfway across the globe from Connecticut. It will be exciting but it will also be very exhausting. I don’t really mind the fatigue because I’ll probably be focused on AIM and the Academy more than thinking about going to sleep. Overall, I’m just very excited and a bit nervous.