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The Days Leading Up To AIM

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Jennifer Donohue

I’m looking forward to the whole AIM experience and seeing what it’s like to be a cadet in the Coast Guard, but specifically I want to know if I have what it takes. I want to learn how to handle high-stress situations and perform exceptionally during them. I want to learn how to work better in a team and finish things on time even during time crunches. Everything during AIM is a learning experience and I personally want to absorb all the information I can. This is my opportunity to show the Academy that they should want me as much as I want them.

I am concerned that I won’t at first be able to handle all the tight deadlines. However, these experiences will help me manage my time better. Everyone probably has the hesitation of “What if this isn’t for me?” but I have a strong feeling that this will be what I want for my future. Once I get through the tough times that I know AIM and the Academy will be, I will finally help my country any way I can.

Going to the Academy has been something I have been looking forward to since I was in 8th grade. I didn’t want to just be told about and tour the Academy—I wanted to live it. The AIM program gives me that chance. This is the first major step to reaching my dreams and I look forward to the opportunities ahead.