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Day 3

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Brooke Thomas

When we first arrived at AIM, it was a calm environment. Everyone was very helpful in making sure that we all were properly checked in. Everything changed when we first met our cadre. Our platoon, Yankee 1, was lined up single file and when we first passed our cadre the yelling began. The first few days were hard because I was not used to being constantly yelled at and on edge. Our cadre explained the many rules that we would have to follow throughout the week. This is the end of the third day and it feels as though we have been here for much longer. As I mentioned earlier, one of the rules we have to follow is greeting the cadre and anyone who is not a shipmate (not including swabs). This is pretty difficult because we don't know all the cadre, especially the cadre who are not in our platoon. It is also challenging because we are unable to look at the cadre unless told to do so. Even at breakfast, lunch, and dinner we have to brace up, which means we have to sit up straight and look emotionless. Everything is stressful, on purpose, unless we have a class like a FIT session or engineering session.

I have noticed small things that have changed within me since I have been here. For example, when I was writing this rough draft all down on a piece of paper I was literally standing at attention. Thinking about that makes me laugh, like some of the other things that we have done (even though at the time they weren’t that funny). For example, since our platoon didn't get out of bed early enough in the morning, they made us pretend to sleep when it was like 2:00 p.m. in the afternoon. We had to change into our pajamas, then they would play reveille, and we had to get changed into our uniform and line up on the bulkhead. After doing that three times, we finally got ready in an acceptable time. At the time, this was terrible and, frankly, annoying but now thinking back on that moment, I really laugh because it is pretty funny to think that we had to do that.

Overall, I have been feeling better because as a platoon we have been improving, which is the point of AIM. My favorite part so far has been going to the waterfront and sailing for the first time! It was great because we could speak openly with the cadre and we just went sailing for a couple hours on the water. Now, I just can't wait so see for how our platoon will continue to improve over the week and I am looking forward to graduation.