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Ready for the Challenge

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Brooke Thomas

Being able to participate in AIM is a great opportunity to experience what life is like at the Coast Guard Academy. I am looking forward to seeing the campus as this is the first time I will be at the Academy and, actually, in the state of Connecticut! In addition, I am excited about all of the activities that we will do over the week from going sailing to practicing marching. I am especially looking forward to sailing because it is something that I have never done before!

Speaking of never sailing before, although it will be very fun, it will also be very challenging like all of the other things we will do over the course of the week. All of the activities are designed to make us think and keep us on our toes, but within a safe environment. I have also never really been exposed to military life as I don’t have any immediate family members who have served. How will I react in a military environment? This is the one thing that I am truly concerned about, but I am still looking forward to finding out if the military and the Coast Guard Academy are right for me.

Overall, I am grateful to be given this opportunity and can’t wait to immerse myself in what life is like at the Coast Guard Academy. I’m also expecting to face many challenges throughout the week that will push me and force me to be in uncomfortable situations. With that said, I know I will learn to overcome these challenges and stressful situations, which is just one of many reasons why I wanted to participate in AIM in the first place.