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The Place That Might Be My Home

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Cheyenne Waters

I am excited to see the place that might become my home for the next four years. As a military child, I have moved several times. So, four years in the same place seems like a long time. I moved to Arkansas a few weeks ago. Before that, I spent four and a half years in Virginia. It blows my mind that I may live at the Academy almost as long as I lived in Virginia. It has also occurred to me that I might also be meeting the people that I will go to college with, so I am excited to make friends.

I am probably most looking forward to just being at the Academy. I want to show my determination to get in. I hope that my time at AIM will increase my chances of getting into the Academy. It has been my dream to get into the Coast Guard Academy since 9th grade. I believe going to AIM will make my dream come true.

My primary concern is the physical fitness exam. I have been preparing for it, but I am a little nervous. I have done physical fitness tests for Civil Air Patrol. However, the Coast Guard Academy’s test is more challenging and has higher standards. I have resolved to try my best and then continue to improve my score before I send my application.


Prepared For What is to Come

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Bethany Tennyson

Though the days leading up to AIM have been slightly nerve racking, they have also been extremely exciting. I have wanted to attend this program for years, and it is finally about to happen in only a few days. I am eager to experience the life of a cadet at USCGA. More importantly, I am ready to meet new future cadets and develop a camaraderie with them as we work together and create new experiences. One of the experiences that I am excited to create is when we go sailing, something I have always wanted to do but never had the chance to.

Some of my days leading up to AIM have caused me some concern. I am nervous that I will not be as physically fit for the PFE tests in comparison to my peers. I have trained intensely in order to be ready for this, but what if that is not good enough? I will simply have to experience the physical challenges while I am there and see what I need to work on and improve in order to be as physically prepared as possible for the needs of the Coast Guard. Regardless of these concerns, I have been continuously motivated to run and work on my upper body strength every day.

Attending USCGA has been an absolute dream of mine for years. After attending several briefings and even traveling to New London, Connecticut for a tour, I have only fallen more in love with the school, its opportunities, and its missions. Attending the AIM program will only enhance my drive of attending this incredible institution.


Getting Ready for AIM

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Aija Brown

As I get ready for AIM, I am both excited and nervous. I am ready to live like a cadet; however I heard from multiple people that it is a difficult week. I will be constantly put to the test. Regardless, I welcome whatever challenges await me.

I have toured and visited the campus and even shadowed a student, but still found myself wanting more. Now I finally get to immerse myself into the Coast Guard Academy without actually being a cadet. I am looking forward to overcoming the stress with the other students in the program.

I know we will be challenged all week, I just don’t know what to specifically expect, and what exactly I should prepare for. I am also fairly nervous for the fitness test. I hope to max every event, and think I will be able to on the run and pushups, but I am worried I might not be able to do 100 sit-ups in two minutes.

Regardless of the outcome, I will certainly make the most of the program and finally be able to see what life is like at the Academy.



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Elliot Lee

AIM…That acronym by itself packs a punch. It envelops the physical and mental toughness that individuals have to face while learning about the Coast Guard Academy. Adding on, there will be lots of cadet candidates that I will have to compete with to present the best of myself.

It seems like a lot when you look at the details and the possible futuristic outcomes, but I believe that you just have to go with the flow. Don’t worry about how others perceive you and have fun. Be yourself! Keep it in check though. Even with a competitive and rugged week of summer heat, I think I’m going to be looking forward to all the new people I’m going to meet. As a developing leader, I want to consider what others believe in on different topics. This helps give me a broader spectrum of the world in which we live in, taking into account what others have to say.

With this AIM session coming up, I am more excited than worried about what the future holds. I countdown every day, hour, minute, and second until the day I can leave Washington state and head over to Connecticut for my AIM session.


The Week Before AIM

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Aliyah Brown

It is now the week before AIM; I am excited and nervous. I am eager to see the Academy’s beautiful campus and meet new people. I am nervous about whether or not I am prepared for the physical training and if I am ready for this new experience.

I am most looking forward to being able to see what life as a cadet is like. I think it will help me decide if the Coast Guard Academy is the right place for me. I am hesitant about the rigor of the physical training that we may experience while attending AIM. I think this will allow me to see what I need to do in order to prepare for Academy life.

I hope to learn more about the Coast Guard’s mission and career opportunities as I am not as knowledgeable about the Coast Guard compared to other branches. I hope to also learn how the degrees earned can be used towards life after the service. I hope to learn more about the academic facilities and opportunities offered at the Academy. As I begin packing for next week, I hope I can gain some new skills and learn about Academy life from this exciting upcoming week.


Full of Anticipation

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Susan Obregon

The AIM summer program is coming up next week, and I am more than excited. I’ve been researching and learning about AIM and what it entails since the moment I found out I’d made it in. I’ve learned all about the different kinds of physical and group activities done throughout the week. I’m definitely most looking forward to participating in the variety of sports, as well as making new friends that share my same interests and goals. I can’t wait to experience everything AIM has to offer.

I’m very eager to begin, but I also admittedly have some concerns. For example, I think I’m most worried about the rigor of the week ahead and struggling to keep up with the challenging mental and physical activities planned. I know I will try my best though and I’m grateful for the opportunity to push myself. Additionally, I’m a little worried about the Physical Fitness Exam because I would like to do very well. I want to use this program as a way to test my limits and to exceed my own expectations.

Aside from my excitement and concerns, I am just endlessly grateful and humbled for this amazing opportunity. AIM is the perfect way to learn if the Coast Guard Academy is right for me and for my future. I’ll be able to experience being on campus in person and better analyze if it is the kind of environment I want for college. I have no doubt that the program will prove me right about the USCGA being the perfect fit for me and the best tool on my path to success and self-improvement.


Excited and a Bit Nervous

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Mark Austria

The days leading up to my AIM week have been very exciting. I have been waiting a while, and I am very eager to begin the program. I’m a bit nervous wondering if I will mess up during the week’s activities. I’ve been watching a lot of AIM videos to see if I’m capable of doing the work. I’m enthusiastic about the engineering part of the program and to see the campus and experience what it’s like to be a cadet. I’m thrilled to meet new people, and want to learn more about USCGA and what it has to offer.

I don’t really have any hesitations concerning the USCGA. I have planned this out ever since the application opened. I was accepted into other summer programs but AIM is the one that I am most passionate about. I expect that AIM will change me to a better version of myself.

The challenge of travelling to the USCGA involves three plane rides. I live in Guam, which is halfway across the globe from Connecticut. It will be exciting but it will also be very exhausting. I don’t really mind the fatigue because I’ll probably be focused on AIM and the Academy more than thinking about going to sleep. Overall, I’m just very excited and a bit nervous.