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Ready for the Challenge - Coady

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Mary Coady

I am so excited to be going to AIM!

One of the reasons I wanted to go to AIM is to see what life at the Coast Guard Academy would be like, and I hope to get a glimpse of that. I hope to better decide whether the Academy is the path that I would like to pursue. I also wanted to challenge myself to the best of my ability, and I think that AIM will help me to do so. I look forward to the challenges AIM will offer me. I also am excited to meet people who have similar goals and who could possibly be cadets with me if I ended up at the Academy.

Though I am excited for the challenges ahead I am not without my concerns. I am worried that I will not be able to keep up with the rigors of the physical training throughout the day. I am also worried that I will come out of my experience feeling just as conflicted about my decisions for my future as I was when I went in, and that I will have no insights on the Academy’s lifestyle. In the end though, I really think that I will gain something from this experience.

I am looking forward to this opportunity, but my family’s thoughts on it are bittersweet. I am the oldest of five, with four younger brothers. My parents are happy that I got in, because they know that I really wanted to go. At the same time they are not quite ready for me to begin to look at options for my future, and like many other parents they do not want to acknowledge that I am at a point where decisions have to be made. My younger brothers are happy for me, (possibly also happy for some “guy time” as well), though they aren’t happy that I’m going to be gone for five days and that I won’t be able to call them. To them that seems like a very long time especially since I’m very close with all them, and I haven’t been away for this long without a way to talk to them. In the end though, they are all excited to hear about my experience, and I am looking forward to starting!


Future Possibilities

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Mackenzie Boose

Before hearing my mentors talk about the military, I never considered joining the Coast Guard since no one in my family has ever been in the military. Once that door was opened, my mind filled with possibilities of a future in the service.

With AIM being next week I am thrilled to finally get a taste of Academy life. I was hoping to attend AIM ever since I joined the United States Coast Guard junior leadership program my freshman year of high school. A lot of my classmates raved about it. But my main reason for wanting to come to AIM is to really see all the different majors, activities and get a feel for what pathway I would love to go down - whether that be naval engineering or marine biology.

I am most looking forward to meeting new people from so many different places. Being from a small town I have grown up with the same people my whole life; it would be great to branch out and meet new people with different life experiences. I am also interested in hearing from cadets themselves about their experiences and tips for rising seniors who want to apply to the Academy. Additionally, I am super interested in being able to explore the campus re thoroughly throughout my week at AIM, especially since there is such a rich history with a lot of buildings and areas within the campus.

The only concerns I have with AIM have to do with nerves. A lot of people get nervous when doing something new in their life and being in a new environment. Adapting to a new place with people you don't know in a strict environment can be hard, but when I take a deep breath I realize all the other people participating in AIM probably feel the same way and I am not alone. In the end, I am hoping these first day nerves will fade with the first day and by the end I wouldn't want to leave the Academy or the new friends I made. I know I will come home with overwhelming confidence and excitement to share.


Only Elation & Enthusiasm

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Isabelita Sekulovic

My dream, since I was a little girl, has been to join the military. As I’ve grown, I’ve explored different paths to achieving that goal. The Coast Guard Academy is a strong, potential path and one that excites me. I want to attend AIM so I can seal the deal on my final decision. I expect AIM to challenge me mentally and physically. Also, I’m ecstatic about trying new things. I can’t wait to encounter the new activities at AIM that I have not yet come across. I know my experience at AIM will only build my motivation to attend the U.S Coast Guard Academy.

Many times, I have shared my career aspirations with other individuals in my community. Not once have I met anyone with similar goals. I am really looking forward to networking with like-minded students who are just as passionate about attending the U.S. Coast Guard Academy as I am. AIM will be the perfect opportunity to make new friendships where we will hold each other accountable and encourage each other during the application process. Along with that, I’m excited to see the campus and learn about its traditions.

Often, when I tell close friends and family that I will join the military, they always voice their concerns. I can’t say the same for myself. I have only elation and enthusiasm. As soon as I found out I was selected for AIM, I’ve been exhilarated. I can confidently say I have no concerns for AIM. I’m ready to embark on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! My family has their own thoughts, but they are thrilled I will take part in AIM. They are unfamiliar with the military and want me to get as much exposure as I can before making it a huge chapter in my life. I know I will come home with overwhelming confidence and excitement to share with them.