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The U.S. Coast Guard Academy is ranked among the nation’s top undergraduate colleges. The Academy provides a rigorous, practical education, preparing cadets to lead and succeed in their career as a Coast Guard officer and in civilian life.

Jessica Stein

Ithaca, New York - Class of 2018 Major: Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering
Douglas Brown

“I came from another small university, but I love it so much more here – it’s smaller and a better community overall. It was actually my little sister who convinced me to transfer. She’s a first class cadet at the Academy, and when she came home on break, she would talk all about the amazing things she’d done and people she’d met.

In the future I hope to be stationed on the west coast, and work hard in whatever field I decide. The hard work at the Academy has certainly prepared me! I’ve learned how to balance my time and my friends, and still find ways to have so much fun. The Academy will get you out of your comfort zone at times, but don’t let that discourage you, because it will only prepare you for what’s to come.”