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The U.S. Coast Guard Academy is ranked among the nation’s top undergraduate colleges. The Academy provides a rigorous, practical education, preparing cadets to lead and succeed in their career as a Coast Guard officer and in civilian life.

ME Internships
Academic Majors
Civil Engineering

The program prepares future officers to design, build, operate and maintain structures and systems that help the Coast Guard perform all missions.

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Electrical Engineering

The major prepares future officers for careers that address critical technological needs.

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Cyber Systems

The major prepares future officers to defend against cyber attacks, protect information and systems, and deter crime.

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Mechanical Engineering

The mechanical engineering program links scientific principles to the design and improvement of mechanical systems and energy conversion.

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Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering

Majors learn to leverage technology to design, build, operate and maintain surface ships.

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Operations Research & Computer Analysis

Graduates acquire the tools and experience to analyze complex issues and provide informed solutions.

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Marine & Environmental Sciences

MES majors study the complex relationships between humans and the land, oceans and atmosphere.

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The program prepares future officers to be competent and ethical management professionals.

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The multidisciplinary Government major offers three tracks: Security Studies; International Relations; and Politics, Policy and the Law.

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