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Academic Programs

The Academy's four-year academic program is widely recognized as one of the nation's best. A strong background in science and technology, a solid grounding in the liberal arts, and in-depth major study distinguish our program. It is an elite preparation that leads to great success.

Academic Majors

Each program of study is exceptionally rigorous as well as highly practical with direct applications for the operational Coast Guard.

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Connecticut College

Connecticut College Partnership

As part of an open exchange agreement, cadets can earn the opportunity to take elective courses at Connecticut College, a highly selective private liberal arts college across the street from the Academy's campus.

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Academic Resources

Because the academic program at the Coast Guard Academy ranks among the most challenging in the nation, our academic support programs are among the most comprehensive.

A Top Undergraduate Experience

Four-Year Program

A Coast Guard Academy education is completed in four years – even engineering degrees.


When you are part of the federal government, access to the best government facilities is possible – from Arctic ice, Alaskan shores, the Arizona desert, to Washington, D.C.

Undergraduate Research

Students can explore topics of particular interest through independent research under the guidance of faculty mentors.