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Computer Lab
The Leadership Development Center (LDC) has a computer lab located in Yeaton Hall, classroom 205. The lab offers WSIII Main Domain workstations, which students may use on a 24/7 basis. In addition, two small computer installations are available in Munro Hall. Upon arrival, your instructor will explain how to access both buildings.

Depending on the course you attend, an instructor will brief you on the system and the Microsoft Office package, the many Coast Guard specific applications (i.e., FCCS, MISLE, etc.), and the Adobe PDF creation software.

The LDC is a member of the Coast Guard Main Domain, and students from other Main Domain activities can use their regular USCG accounts. However, the connectivity may be spotty. Some students have experienced an inability to use their email accounts or access their personal files from their home base while at the LDC. This may be overcome by using the "Remote Desktop Connection" feature. It is recommended that you obtain the Name and/or IP address of your Personal Computer (PC) at your normal workstation. (Your local computer support personnel will be able to assist you in obtaining this information prior to your departure). Students should ensure that their home base PC is left on and no one else will be using it during their stay in New London. Most students will be offered a Student User ID that they can use to complete class assignments, maintain connectivity with home base, etc.