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Leadership Development Center: Courses
Command and Operations School 
Command Assignment Preparatory Training (CAPT)
CAPT Course Mission
This four-day course provides Commanding Officers and Officers-in-Charge with leadership and administrative tools to successfully perform as a unit leader within the Coast Guard organization.

CAPT Scope
Commandant has mandated all Commanding Officers and Officers-in-Charge shall receive command training to ensure alignment with Coast Guard leadership principles, organizational goals, and administrative practices. While Afloat, Sector, and Boat Forces units have established and curriculum-approved command cadre courses, other Coast Guard commands did not. The Command Assignment Preparation Training (CAPT) was developed to fill that void. The course is convened multiple times annually.

The fundamental course objectives are to prepare Commanding Officers and Officers-in-Charge in the pay grades of E-7 to O-6 to safely and effectively conduct Coast Guard missions at their assigned unit while fostering a positive workforce environment. The course content revolves around three main themes:

  • Command and Leadership
  • Command Climate
  • Mission Support


Commander Mark Walsh  School Chief  860-701-6675 
Lieutenant Commander Nolan Cuevas  Assistant School Chief  860-701-6872 
Lieutenant Chris Salerno  Senior Instructor  860-444-8222 
Master Chief David Riser  Instructor  860-701-6476 
Mr. John Hayes  Training Specialist  860-701-6318 

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