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Reserve Officer Candidate Indoctrination (ROCI)
Reserve Officer Candidate Indoctrination (ROCI) is a three-week course designed for individuals who have been chosen for Selected Reserve Direct Commission (SRDC) Program. ROCI prepares these individuals to serve effectively as officers of the United States Coast Guard Reserve. All Reserve officer candidates have prior service in the Coast Guard or other branch of the U.S. Armed Services. Topics covered include basic military knowledge, Coast Guard roles and missions, readiness, reserve personnel management and leadership.

If you have been selected for the ROCI program, consult the ROCI Pre-Reporting Guide for specific information to prepare you for the course.

More information on the Coast Guard's Reserve Officer Commissioning Indoctrination Program 

American Council on Education (A.C.E.) Accreditation
Course #:
Location: Coast Guard Academy, New London, Connecticut
Length: 3 weeks (184 hours)
Exhibit Dates: 12/10–Present
Credits: In the lower-division baccalaureate/associate degree category, 2 semester hours in health and physical education and 3 in supervision (2/11)