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Leadership Development Center: Courses
International Maritime Officers Course (IMOC)
IMOC Mission
Student participation in this course is limited strictly to international students. In addition to improving international relationships, the course was developed to enhance and promote operational safety, bridge team coordination, and operational risk management in the international maritime environment. Graduates of this course will apply risk management, team coordination, and bridge resource management principles during operational planning and mission execution in order to prevent or reduce mishaps.

IMOC Scope
This is a four-day course imbedded within the primary 75-day IMOC course offered by the International Resident Training Branch at Training Center Yorktown. Instructional topics include operational risk management, bridge resource management, crew endurance management, the application of navigation rules, engineering roles/responsibilities, and command relationships.


Commander Mark Walsh   School Chief   860-701-6675 
Lieutenant Commander Nolan Cuevas   Assistant School Chief   860-701-6872 
Lieutenant Chris Salerno   Senior Instructor   860-444-8222 
Master Chief David Riser   Instructor   860-701-6476 
Mr. John Hayes   Training Specialist   860-701-6318