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Team Leader Facilitator (TL FAC)
This five-day course helps USCG active duty, reserve, and civilian personnel develop performance improvement skills in the areas of team leadership, meeting management, facilitation skills and tools, and process improvement. Specifically, you will learn tools and develop skills to build and lead teams, manage meetings, facilitate team dynamics and processes, manage conflict, gather ideas, make decisions, create action plans, and solve problems; plus, you will have plenty of time to practice these techniques in a safe classroom environment. Whether using these skills for shop-level meetings, unit-level strategic planning sessions or operational planning, you can turn ideas into action. No matter your role within Team Coast Guard, this course helps you more effectively lead teams and serve as change agents.

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Target Audience
Active and Reserve E-6 to E-9, W-2 to W-4, O-1 to O-5, GS-9 to GS-13, and Senior Auxiliary Members. High performers in other pay grades are encouraged to attend with supervisor approval. Attendees should have roles ranging from command cadre positions to those who provide direct supervision to groups or teams. Personnel with responsibilities in planning, briefings, and team leadership and management will benefit from this course.

American Council on Education (A.C.E.) Accreditation
Course #:
Location: Various Locations – Exportable Course

POC: or (860) 444-8303

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