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United States Coast Guard Uniform Regulations, including grooming standards, are strictly enforced.

Uniform of the Day for school students. 


Active Duty and SELRES Uniform Policy (including LDC students)

01 APR - 31 OCT

Uniform  Tropical Blue Uniform Operational Dress Uniform* Service Dress Blue
Cover  Combination or Garrison Cap  Ball Cap  Combination Cap 
Outerwear  Trench Coat or Windbreaker  Foul Weather Parka II  Trench Coat or Bridge Coat 




 01 NOV - 31 MAR 

Uniform  Operational Dress Uniform**  Service Dress Blue  Winter Dress Blue 
Cover  Ball Cap  Combination Cap  Combination or Garrison Cap 
Outerwear  Foul Weather Parka II  Trench Coat or Bridge Coat  Trench Coat or Windbreaker 

 * ODU sleeves rolled up
** ODU sleeves rolled down

  1. Business casual for classroom days
  2. Blue jeans or physical fitness attire for team building days

Athletic Attire: Appropriate clothing (i.e., shirts shall be worn at all times, unless swimming in the pool) is required while working out, both in Roland/Billard Hall gyms, on all athletic fields, and anywhere on campus. Additionally, music or cellular telephone headphones shall not be worn while running on campus at any time.