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MWR operates the Academy guest quarters, located in Munro Hall. Students attending all courses except Officer Accession Programs will be housed here.

Guest rooms are located on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd deck of Munro Hall. Two people may occupy each room. 

Students are encouraged to make every effort to arrive prior to 2200 as all buildings are secured at this time. 

If arriving after 2200:
Ask gate guard to contact the watchstanders to inform them you are here and they will open the entrance door in Munro for you.

Security will meet you at Munro Hall for check in and provide key pad combination.

To expedite the check-in process please contact the Munro Guest Housing staff, 860-444-8664, with your credit card information by the Thursday prior to your convening date. This will do two things. It will simplify the check-in process. When you arrive you will still sign the registration card to verify the date they received your room assignment but you would not need to share personal credit card information with the watchstander.

Policy for Academy Guest Quarters: 

Each student will receive a room key, welcome letter, map and vehicle pass if applicable. Each room will contain a detailed Welcome Aboard Information book.

Students will be charged $19 per day for the quarters, based on double occupancy. If circumstances require single occupancy (i.e. odd numbers, gender mix, etc.), students will pay $38 per day for single occupancy. NOTE: Due to costs and limited space, Academy policy requires students to double up whenever possible.

Driving Directions to Munro Hall: 

From the Main Gate, go straignt through the gate, follow Tampa Drive to Harriet Lane (3rd left). Follow Harriet Lane, go straight at the stop sign and drive past the stadium and Leamy Hall on your right. Turn right into the second entrance of the parking lot just after Leamy Hall. Munro Hall will be to the left. Park between Munro and Leamy Halls in a space not designated as reserved. After registering and unloading, park in either the I lot (Eagle Drive) or the J lot (former Visitor Center). Refer to map in check-in package. Enter the building and check in with the watchstander.