Cadet Training
Cadet 100th Week
The IFL is proud to have begun what it hopes to be a long-term involvement with the Cadet 100th Week program. On the heels of finals week, before graduation ceremonies begin, each spring the 3/c cadets enter what is known as 100th Week. This week-long series of events is designed to prepare the 3/c cadets for their leadership roles during their 2/c summer experiences. With Recruit Company Commanders from TRACEN Cape May training-the-trainers on drill instruction and room inspections, Leadership Development Center (LDC) staff facilitating classroom modules, and Company Chiefs providing mentoring, the 100th Week experience builds to a culminating event at the Stone’s Ranch National Guard Base in East Lyme, Connecticut. The full complement of IFL staff was engaged throughout the week at one time or another. Program Manager, Christopher Owens taught with the LDC staff in the classrooms. As the week progressed, he joined IFL Director, Dr. Jonathan Jefferson; Associate Director, LCDR Nic Jarboe; and the new GOLD Officer, LCDR Andrea Parker, during leadership challenge simulations at the National Guard base. When the Cadet Training Division identified a financial barrier, the IFL was able to find funding to purchase supplies needed to create an inaugural Land Rescue Drill. With the importance in leader development that 100th Week provides the Corps of Cadets, the IFL hopes to continue this partnership with the Cadet Training Division next year.

For more information about how you can support the IFL's involvement with Cadet 100th Week, contact the Program Manager, Christopher Owens via email at or call (860) 442-2691.