USCGA Rear Admiral Wetmore Ethics Forum
Originally funded by the Class of '48, and later joined by the Class of '57, the Academy's Ethics Forum provides the Corps of Cadets with a full day of lectures, panels and small group dialogues on the topic of ethical situations in the Coast Guard and beyond. As future officers, cadets are schooled in the concepts of integrity and strength of character but this annual event allows for an immersion in thought-provoking discussions led by experts in a variety of disciplines. The forum offers cadets the opportunity to engage in open, meaningful discourse on ethical challenges in areas such as academia, broadcasting, business, engineering, environment, finance, government, journalism, leadership, medicine, military, sports, terror management, and water resource management.

The Rear Admiral Wetmore 29th annual Ethics Forum will be held March 23, 2018. If you have any questions or comments about the Ethics Forum, please email LT Kimberly Shadwick for more information.

This event is coordinated and planned by Charlie Company Respect Department.