About IFL
The Institute both complements and supplements leadership development at the Academy through our co-curricular leadership development programs and research and publication efforts. The collective efforts are guided by the Coast Guard’s Leadership Framework of Leading Self, Leading Others, Leading Performance and Change, and Leading the Coast Guard, and focused on the themes of Building Leaders of Character, Foundation for Life, and National Prominence.

Building Leaders of Character 

Serve as the central coordination point and assist the Academy community in refining, implementing, and assessing the leadership development framework. In addition, partner with internal and external stakeholders to share best practices in leadership development and assessment and promote leadership development as a lifelong learning experience. The Institute is committed to furthering CGA’s Guide for Officership and Leader Development (GOLD). GOLD is a framework for organizing and understanding the progressively complex and challenging activities designed to mold leaders of character over the 200 week Coast Guard Academy experience. The intent of the Institute has been and will continue to be leadership development for the next several years through assisting with the enhancement, development, and implementation of the GOLD program as appropriate. 

Foundation for Life 

Develop and deliver innovative and high impact co-curricular programs to the Corps of Cadets. This includes the goal of having the Corps realize the high quality of their learning experience as it is occurring (a realization that has come to be known simply as “the epiphany”), developing pride in that experience, and acquiring the confidence and skills necessary to perform as a junior officer and leader of character for life.  

National Prominence 

Help raise the prominence of the Coast Guard Academy by strategically coordinating and publicizing the numerous and diverse activities of the Institute and by working with the Admissions office to market the Academy as the premier college experience in leadership development. Through research and publications, establish the Academy as the exemplar in leadership development.