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Wall of Gallantry Nomination Procedures and Timeline
Resolicitation for Wall of Gallantry Nominations for Fall 2014

The Superintendent has approved changes to the Hall of Heroes selection process and timeline. As a result of the changes, the Coast Guard Academy is resoliciting for nominations to be inducted into the Hall of Heroes in the Fall of 2014. A maximum of 8 graduates will be selected to be honored on the Wall of Gallantry. The nomination period for the Fall 2014 selection process has been extended until 31 December 2013. Recent submissions and nominations from years past will be considered. Nominations submitted for Spring 2014 do not need to be resubmitted for Fall 2014.


The Commandant of Cadets Awards Board will review all nominations and forward their recommendations to the Commandant of Cadets. The Commandant of Cadets will forward these approved recommendations to a Superintendent's Senior Leader Panel for final approval. The list of approved inductees will be announced on Memorial Day 2014 and inductees will be notified in April. The inductees will be recognized in Fall 2014 with a Hall of Heroes Induction Ceremony to formally honor and enshrine those selected to the Wall of Gallantry.

Eligible graduates for the Wall of Gallantry are those who have distinguished themselves during operations and have received one of the following awards:

(a) Medal of Honor
(b) Navy Cross
(c) Coast Guard Cross
(d) Gold Medal of Congress
(e) Silver Star
(f) Legion of Merit (with combat “V”)
(g) Distinguished Flying Cross
(h) Coast Guard Medal
(i) Navy and Marine Corps Medal
(j) Gold Lifesaving Medal
(k) Bronze Star (with combat "V")
(l) Commendation Medal (with combat "V")
(m) Achievement Medal (with combat "V")
(n) Silver Lifesaving Medal
(o) NASA Space Flight Medal

Combat Operations are no longer required for eligibility for the Distinguished Flying Cross. Graduates who do not meet the above criteria may still be eligible. All previously submitted nominations that have not been chosen for induction will be considered.


All nominations must be received by December 31, 2013. A nomination form is available online or as a PDF.

Please visit the Coast Guard Human Resources Directorate for additional assistance in locating awards citations.

Please send an electronic copy of nominee's award citation to or via mail to:

U.S. Coast Guard Academy
Attn: LT Jesse Diaz (ccd)
27 Mohegan Avenue
New London, CT 06320

Please contact LT Jesse Diaz, Delta Company Officer, at (860) 444-8443 with any questions.

The funding for the plaques, which display the name, cadet photograph, and events that led to each graduates enshrinement on the Wall of Gallantry, are provided by the Classes of 1959 and 2009 through their joint-endowment with the Coast Guard Academy Alumni Association which supports the Hall of Heroes.