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  • LTJG Donald Teifer photo

    Teifer, Donald G.

    Lieutenant Junior Grade
    Class of 1950

    K/AC on May 5th, 1954

    Killed while his aircraft was on an over water navigation training mission over the Gulf of Mexico The aircraft impacted a ridge at the 3,000 foot level near Caricitas, Mexico. After a massive search the wreckage was located. All were killed including nine U.S. Navy personnel. (Download pdf) 

  • LT Rolland Faucher photo

    Faucher, Rolland A.

    Class of 1953

    K/AC on August 22nd, 1957

    On a test flight from Air Station Brooklyn, in the Grumman UF-2G Albatross, the “left wing dropped off and the aircraft struck the ground, left wing and nose down.” The accident board was not able to determine the cause of the plane’s crash. (Download pdf) 

  • LTJG Edward McGee photo

    McGee, Edward A.

    Lieutenant Junior Grade
    Class of 1954

    Killed in Aircraft Ops on February 6th, 1958

    LTJG McGee was on a 30-day detached duty in Texas from Air Station Elizabeth City. While assisting federal officers locating illicit whiskey distilleries in a heavily wooded area, the plane developed engine trouble and crashed. McGee sustained a concussion and developed pneumonia while in the hospital and died. (Download pdf) 

  • andrassy_j

    Andrassy, Joseph N.

    Lieutenant Commander
    Class of 1955

    Killed in Aircraft Ops on July 3, 1964

    LCDR Andrassy and his crew were returning from a SAR mission, flying in conditions of low ceiling and visibility, The HU16E crashed into Dall Head on Gravina Island, three miles from the runway at Air Station Annette Island, Alaska. All 5 crew members were killed. (Download pdf) 

  • LCDR Donald Prince photo

    Prince, Donald L.

    Lieutenant Commander
    Class of 1956

    K/AC on December 22nd, 1964

    During a storm in Arcata, California, LCDR Prince took off with his crew. Using the radio beacon to navigate himself to the airport, he began to fly on instruments alone. Shortly afterward, the radio beacon failed, the helicopter was blown east by terrific winds and crashed into nearby mountains. (Download pdf) 

  • ENS George Bergman photo

    Bergman, George T.

    Class of 1958

    K/AC on December 17th, 1958

    Lost at sea when he was washed overboard when a wave swept over the stern of the USCGC Gresham off the West Coast. Gresham was highlining supplies to USCGC Klamath when the incident occurred; twenty-one crew members were injured. (Download pdf) 

  • LT Robert Brown photo

    Brown, Robert D.

    Class of 1959

    K/AC on June 15th, 1967

    The crew lost their lives in a USCG HU16 aircraft searching for a downed aircraft. After an exhaustive night search in Alaska, the crew flew into a box canyon and crashed into the ridge line of a mountain. (Download pdf) 

  • CAPT Frank Olson photo

    Olson, Frank W.

    Class of 1959

    K/AC on November 14th, 1981

    USCG helicopter crash in North Bend, Oregon. CAPT Olson and crew were on a night search and rescue, searching for a fishing vessel in distress. The weather deteriorated and they attempted to return to base at Coos Bay when they experienced an engine malfunction. (Download pdf)