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Cadet Profile
Kaci Rex Profile  Kaci Rex
Colorado Spring, CO - Class of 2017
Major: Mechanical Engineering  

Ahoy, I’m Kaci Rex from that excellent square state out west, Colorado. I grew up in Colorado Springs all my life and, ironically enough, I lived about five miles from the Air Force Academy. My mother was a 1984 graduate of USAFA and later an instructor, and my father was an Army instructor at USAFA as well. Some people tell me that my parents fell in love while pushing cadets off the 10 meter diving platform for water survival class. I am the middle child of three boys. Kyle, the youngest, is a tennis and track all-star, and the older one, Air Force Second Lieutenant Kobi Rex, is currently an acquisitions officer at Mountain Home AFB. Needless to say, there is a lot of military background in my life and I am proud to be serving my country as well.

Personally, I believe that connections and relationships with people are the most important things in life. I have aspirations of being an officer in the future as well as a successful businessman after that, but life for me is really about forging friendships and bonds that will span a lifetime. At the Academy, I take every chance possible to do things with people whether it is club activities, athletics, or intercompany sports for Charlie Company. I’ve participated in track and field for well over a decade and, more specifically, I’ve pole vaulted for nine years but the reason that I always stick with it is because I love the friends that I compete with. I am also a part of numerous clubs at school; my newest membership is to the hand bell choir club. While that may not sound too enticing nor am I terribly musically gifted, the hand bell choir is simply an awesome opportunity to hang out with my friends and do something cool that not everyone can say that they’ve done. Well, to wrap things up, I’d have to say that life at the Academy is like a rollercoaster with ups and downs but always keeping a positive attitude and your friends at your side will help get you through. Go Bells. Go Bears. Go Class of 2017!