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Meet the Admissions Staff
Our highest priority is to help you make the college decision that’s right for you. If that choice is the Academy, we want to help you put your best foot forward in the selection process and be ready for Reporting Day! Getting to know you and your goals is our starting point.

Admissions Officers each manage a territory and work directly with applicants. You will work with the Admission Officer assigned to the state, territory or region you live in. Most are Academy graduates and work in the Academy Admissions office. They are assisted by Reserve Officers who live in various locations around the country and typically have more career experience in the Coast Guard.

Outreach Officers are another great resource for you. Their job is to connect with students who offer a lot to the service, but know little about the great opportunities in the Coast Guard and at the Academy.

The Campus Visit staff are responsible to make your visit to the Academy worthwhile and engaging.

Each member of our staff has unique experiences as member of the Coast Guard. Please contact your Admissions Officer any time, or other members of the staff you would like to speak with!

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