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Eclipse Week 2018

Eclipse Week 

2018 Eclipse Week: Embracing a Community of Respect 

Eclipse Week: April 3 - 7, 2018  

Background: This year the Friday of Eclipse Week (April 6, 2018) will be a stand down day in order to allow participation from all cadets, faculty, staff, alumni, and community members. We plan to have four, one-hour sessions with the ability to host several events at a time.

Who: We are interested in engaging the talent of our stakeholders and are seeking presenters (Faculty, Staff, Councils, Cadets, Alumni, CG Members, and Community Partners) for Eclipse Week 2018 (Friday April 6, 2018). Audience will be cadets, faculty, staff, community, alumni, and CG members.

What: Please submit an event proposal using the format below:

  • Proposal Abstract (300 words)
    The abstract should describe the content and significance of the session as well as how it relates to the theme of the conference. Participants will be most interested in new information, innovative programs, and proven results.
  • Brief Description (150 words)
    This description will be used for the final program. Please remember that should your proposal be accepted, a participant's decision to attend your session will be based in large part on this description. We encourage you to make it as accurate, and compelling, as possible.
  • Expected Learning Outcomes (50-75 words)
    Please describe-or list-the outcomes with which you hope the audience members will leave the session-i.e., the "takeaways."

Defining culturally inclusive leadership in a military setting
Best inclusive classroom practices
Community Engagement
Best Practices for Mentoring in a Diverse Work
Lending Support to a Cadet Affinity Council Charter
How to have difficult conversations about race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, and gender 

Where: U.S. Coast Guard Academy

When: The deadline for event proposal submission is Tuesday, December 19, 2017.  The event itself will be held Friday, April 6, 2018

How many: We will select up to eight submissions (submissions will be judged on their alignment with the Eclipse theme, specific outcomes, and support to the CG Academy’s strategic vision). These eight submissions are in addition to the traditional Eclipse events hosted in past years. Traditional Eclipse Event presenters must still submit their proposals per the guidelines above.

Selection: You will be notified by mid-January if your proposal has been approved

Past Eclipse Weeks and Themes 

  • 2017: Character: Who You Are When No One is Looking
  • 2016: Mirroring Positive, Change, Starting from Within
  • 2015: Strength in Diversity...Empowerment Through Inclusion
  • 2014: Understanding the Past, Reinventing the Future
  • 2013: Check the Compass...Chart the Course
  • 2012: Openness. Inclusion. Change
  • 2011: Reconceptualizing Leadership Through a Diversity Lens
  • 2010: Our Legacy Starts Now

For more information, please contact Ms. Richelle Johnson via email or by phone at (860) 701-6557.