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Wall of Gallantry
Each year, a specially appointed Cadet Awards Board selects up to twelve Academy Alumni from a larger group of nominees to be honored for distinguished acts of heroic service. Honorees are recognized in the fall at an induction ceremony held in their honor and then featured on the Wall of Gallantry. This display is part of the Chase Hall “Hall of Heroes” corridor and pays tribute to individuals who’ve earned an outstanding award.

The Wall of Gallantry serves as a regular reminder to cadets and the public of the scope of responsibilities and sacrifice demanded of Coast Guard officers throughout history. Plaques include the individual's photo, a citation with detailed recounting of the circumstances which led to the honor and a map marking the geographic point of the heroic act. Some plaques also include career highlights as a postscript, though it should be noted that plaques of officers who are not yet fully retired may not reflect accomplishments subsequent to their induction ceremonies.

Select the year in the left navigation to learn more about those alumni who have been honored in the past. 

The following 2015 honorees were inducted on November 6, 2015:

  • CAPT Charles Satterlee, Class of 1898
  • CAPT Joseph M. Maka, Class of 1964
  • LT. T. James Crotty, Class of 1934
  • LTJG William C. Carr, Class of 1965