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Wall of Gallantry
Each year, a specially appointed Cadet Awards Board selects up to twelve Academy Alumni from a larger group of nominees to be honored for distinguished acts of heroic service. Honorees are recognized in the fall at an induction ceremony held in their honor and then featured on the Wall of Gallantry. This display is part of the Chase Hall “Hall of Heroes” corridor and pays tribute to individuals who’ve earned an outstanding award.

The Wall of Gallantry serves as a regular reminder to cadets and the public of the scope of responsibilities and sacrifice demanded of Coast Guard officers throughout history. Plaques include the individual's photo, a citation with detailed recounting of the circumstances which led to the honor and a map marking the geographic point of the heroic act. Some plaques also include career highlights as a postscript, though it should be noted that plaques of officers who are not yet fully retired may not reflect accomplishments subsequent to their induction ceremonies.

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The following 2016 honorees will be inducted on November 10, 2016:

Captain W. Peterson 

William W. Peterson
Captain, U.S. Coast Guard
Class of 1976

Lieutenant Peterson received the Distinguished Flying Cross for extraordinary achievement on 30 July 1982 as aircraft commander of Coast Guard HH-52A helicopter 1425 engaged in the perilous rescue of nine survivors from a Coast Guard HC-130 fixed wing 1600. The HC-130 had crashed in bad weather while on a flight from Shemya Air Force Base (AFB) to Coast Guard Loran Station Attu Island, Alaska.

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Rear Admiral C. Richmond 

Chester A. Richmond Jr.
Rear Admiral, U.S. Coast Guard
Class of 1941

Commander Chester Richmond received the Distinguished Flying Cross for extraordinary achievement on 12 and 13 April 1961, as pilot of HUL-1G CGNR 1338, single-engine Sioux helicopter, engaged in delivery of a doctor and emergency medical supplies to St. George Island, Alaska, and subsequent air evacuation of two critically burned people.

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Captain F. Erickson 

Frank A. Erickson
Captain, U.S. Coast Guard
Class of 1931

Captain Erickson is cited for his outstanding service and is recognized for his pioneering efforts as the “father of military helicopters.” In 1943, he became the first Coast Guard helicopter pilot and instructor (Coast Guard Helicopter Pilot No. 1), training 102 helicopter pilots and 225 mechanics.

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Captain D. MacDiarmid 

Donald B. MacDiarmid
Captain, U.S. Coast Guard
Class of 1929

Commander MacDiarmid is cited for heroism and extraordinary achievement in aerial flight as pilot and co-pilot of a PBM-type plane while carrying out conclusive experiments concerning open-sea seaplane operations off the coast of California throughout 1945.

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